Larabar – Coconut Cream Pie

Even though I made Homemade Larabar before, I never bought the Larabar itself until a few weeks ago.  (Leave it to me to wait five years to purchase something to try. Procrastination is my middle name 🙂 ) My grocery store was having the Larabar on sale; you could purchase five bars for a dollar.  So, I thought to myself, this is my opportunity to taste the real Larabar itself.

Among the different flavors I chose, I like the Coconut Cream Pie best. It was creamy, sweet without being too sweet where it would have given me a toothache, chewy and moist.  This flavor of Larabar was definitely something that I would eat again.  I looked at the ingredients listed on the package, and I said to myself, simple enough; I also took a picture of the half-eaten bar for my blogging purposes.

AK_LB_Coconut 1

AK_LB_Coconut 2


I knew that there would be creative bloggers out there that would have tried to make their own Coconut Cream Pie Larabar.  So I went to the web and looked at the different blogger’s recipes.  I settled on Lea’s recipe.

I needed dates, almonds, cashews, desiccated coconut flakes, and coconut oil.

AK_LB_Coconut 3


I used the food processor to grind the nuts.  My cat, Ace, was not happy with me every time I did this.  The sound scared the bejesus out of him.  He is lucky that I’m still buying almond meal and not making my own! 🙂

AK_LB_Coconut 4

After the nuts were chopped up, I added the coconut flakes in the food processor.  Note that on this one, I was using the small/fine desiccated coconut flakes.  I added the coconut flakes last because I did not want the coconut flakes to be powdered if I ground it together with the nuts.

AK_LB_Coconut 6


I pulsed the food processor a few times, until I got the consistency of nuts and coconut that I wanted.  Then I transferred the nut mixture into a bowl.

AK_LB_Coconut 7


Lea’s recipe asked only for six dates (she used Medjool dates).  Since I did not have Medjool dates, on my first try, I used a handful of dates and decided that I needed more dates. So on my second try, I used the whole 10 oz of dates.

I dumped the dates into the food processor, after checking each one of them and making sure that there was no hidden pit in them.

AK_LB_Coconut 9


I processed them until the chopped dates balled up.

AK_LB_Coconut 10


Then I added the nuts and coconuts back into the food processor, as well as adding coconut oil.  The coconut oil was used to bind all of the ingredients, as well as adding the creaminess in this bar.  Depending on how dry the dates, I ended up adding about two tablespoons of coconut oil in this recipe.

AK_LB_Coconut 11


Processed them again until everything was incorporated.

AK_LB_Coconut 12


I dumped the mixture into a 9 x 9 baking pan lined with a wax paper.

AK_LB_Coconut 13


I pressed down on the mixture into the pan…

AK_LB_Coconut 14


Until the surface of the mixture was even.

AK_LB_Coconut 15


As I did before, I covered the mixture with a plastic wrap…

AK_LB_Coconut 16
Then I put another 9 x 9 baking pan on top, and pressed down and put it in the refrigerator to harden.

AK_LB_Coconut 17
Once it was hardened, I pulled the mixture out of the pan.

AK_LB_Coconut 18
Cut them into small squares…

AK_LB_Coconut 19

And there you go!  Homemade Coconut Cream Pie Larabar.  Thank you Lea for sharing the recipe!

AK_LB_Coconut 20


Print recipe here.

Larabar – Coconut Cream Pie
Recipe adapted from Lea

10 oz pitted dates
½ cup almonds – raw
½ cup cashew – raw
½ cup desiccated coconut flakes
2 tbs coconut oil – not melted

Chop almonds and cashews in a food processor finely.
Add the desiccated coconut flakes into the bowl, and pulse a few times.
Transfer nuts mixture into a bowl.
Add dates into the food processor and process until the chopped dates became a ball.
Add the nuts mixture and coconut oil into the food processor and process until everything is combined.
Transfer the date mixture into the 9 x9 baking pan lined with wax paper. Press down with your fingers and make sure the surface is even. Line with a plastic wrap on top, put another 9 x 9 baking pan on top, and press down.
Remove the empty pan, and refrigerate a few hours until firm.
Using the edges of the parchment paper, lift the “Larabar” and cut into the desired pieces.
Keep in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

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