Fire and Ice Tomatoes

This is another recipe that sent to us via email that we tried.  It was easy, fast and fresh tasting.  Sadly, I just found out that is no longer available online.  But I am able to find the recipe in Taste of  This is why I have to keep my own blog, so I can keep recipes that I like and never worry that the site will go away.

I only needed tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, white vinegar, cayenne pepper, yellow mustard seeds and sugar.

AK_FireICe 1


I sliced the red onion thinly and cut the tomatoes into wedges and put then in a medium size mixing bowl.

AK_FireICe 2


Then in a quart size pot, I added cayenne pepper, sugar, mustard seeds, vinegar and water.

AK_FireICe 3


Boiled it until the sugar dissolved.

AK_FireICe 4


Then I poured the vinegar mixture into the tomato and onion mixture, covered it with plastic wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator.

AK_FireICe 5


Half an hour before serving, I added the cucumber slices and mixed them into the tomato mixture.

AK_FireICe 7


And serve!  This was a very refreshing salad, where the cucumber provides crunchiness and the tomatoes are firm.  The combination of the tartness of the vinegar and the sweetness was just right.  Until our next recipe tryout!

AK_FireICe 8


Print recipe here.

Fire and Ice Tomatoes
Recipe courtesy:

4-5 Roma tomatoes
Red onion
1 small cucumber
Mustard seeds
Cayenne pepper

Slice red onion into this slices, cut Roma tomatoes into wedges, put them in a medium size mixing bowl.
In a quart size pot pan, boil water, vinegar, mustard seeds, cayenne and sugar until the sugar dissolves.
Pour vinegar mixture into tomatoes and onion.
Cover with plastic wrap, let chill in refrigerator.
Half an hour prior serving, add sliced cucumber, mix it in, and return to refrigerator.
Pour into a bowl and serve.

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