Sugar Free Gummy Bears

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I finally made this quick and easy recipe.  I don’t remember now how I came upon the idea of making my own gummy bears.  I was interested in it because ever since Hubby found out that he was pre-diabetic, he cut out all sweets and fruits.  Kudos to him; his effort was not fruitless.  His blood sugar came down to a normal range, but he is still refraining from eating any fruits or sweets.

So when I saw some homemade gummy bear recipes out there, I was ecstatic.  However, most of the gummy bear recipes out there involve fruit juice, which hubby can’t have.  Well, he could, but he chooses not to.  I scoured the web and finally I found Lisa at Low Carb Yum’s recipe using herbal fruit tea!  I went ahead and put the gummy molds that I was eyeballing the last few weeks into the Amazon cart.

The ingredients were simple enough.  Herbal fruit tea, water, gelatin, stevia, and raspberry extract.  Here I used the store brand gelatin.  I will be experimenting with Knox’s gelatin.  I also found out that one of Knox’s gelatin package weighed 1/4 oz while my store brand gelatin package weighed 1/8 oz.

AK_Gummy 1


First I boiled one and a third cup of water, and then steeped my tea bags in the hot water for six minutes.  I only had three tea bags left, but I did not change the amount of water.

AK_Gummy 2


Then I added the gelatin…

AK_Gummy 3


Stevia next…

AK_Gummy 4


Then I put the pot back onto the stove on medium heat and stirred until the gelatin was dissolved.  Knox’s instructions says to not let the gelatin boil, so I was glad that I did not do that.

AK_Gummy 5


Then, I turned off the heat and added the raspberry extract.

AK_Gummy 8


Then, using a silicone baster, I filled in each of the individual bear and heart molds.  I love both of these molds. I think they are so cute!

AK_Gummy 9


The one and a third cup of water resulted in this many candies.  Then I put them into the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes.

AK_Gummy 14


Then, I was peeling the gummy off the molds.  The bear mold was very easy to handle.  A little push on the bear and the gummy came off.  The heart shape mold, since it has deeper cavities, I had to completely push it out to get the gummy out.  But, the whole experience was not painful.  It was fun! I did not spray these mold with grease either.

AK_Gummy 15


I store these gummies in a mason jar in the refrigerator.

AK_Gummy 19


So! Are you going to try it?  Aren’t they cute???

AK_Gummy 18


The taste was pretty good – this is if you are used to consuming stevia.  There is a faint after taste of stevia, but Hubby was happy about these gummies, and so am I!  Now I have different herbal fruit teas in my pantry for me to make some more 🙂  Thank you Lisa for being so ingenious using herbal fruit tea instead of fruit juice!

Print recipe here:

Homemade Sugar Free Gummy Bears                                                                                  Recipe courtesy: Low Carb Yum

4 – herbal fruit tea
1 1/3 cup of hot boiling water
½ tablespoon stevia powder
2 oz gelatin powder
2 teaspoon fruit extract


Boil water and steep tea bags for six minutes.
Remove tea bags and whisk in gelatin and stevia.
Heat liquid on medium heat until gelatin is dissolved. Do not boil.
Remove from heat and put in fruit extract.
Using a silicone baster, fill in mold.
Refrigerate until firm, about 15 minutes.
Remove candies and store in refrigerator in a jar.

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