Sweet Potato Chips

Another homemade chips that I like to make are sweet potato chips.  I like it because I like the taste and that I think I got it down on how to make the chips crispy and not leathery.  I have to employ the help of my food processor, since my mandolin slicing thinness is about 2 mm thick.  With the food processor, I was able to get 1 mm thickness or a little less.  Albeit it took about almost two hours in the baking process, but I still like to make these chips.

All I needed was a sweet potato, olive oil, and sea salt.

AK_SWP chips01

I set my food processor slicer to number 2.

AK_SWP chips02

Then, I made sure that I could put the sweet potato into the food processor feed tube.

AK_SWP chips03

So I had to slice off the side of the sweet potatoes, until they fit into the food processor feed tube.

AK_SWP chips04

Then, I just pushed the on button and helped the sweet potato with the pusher.

AK_SWP chips05

See how thin it is?

AK_SWP chips07

Within minutes, I got a full bowl of sweet potato slices.

AK_SWP chips09

Then I put some of them into a mixing bowl and drizzled olive oil.  And the same deal as with kale chips, I had to make sure that every single slice was coated with olive oil.

AK_SWP chips10

Once the sweet potato slices were coated with oil, I put them on a non-stick cookie sheet and sprinkled on some salt.

AK_SWP chips11

In a preheated convection oven to 250F, I baked them for an hour.  After an hour, I flipped the sweet potatoes over.

AK_SWP chips12

I baked them for another 45-50 minutes, until they were brown and crispy.

AK_SWP chips13



After they cooled, I put the chips into a mason jar, and the mason jar kept the chips’ crispiness.

AK_SWP chips15

Thank you Dana for sharing the recipe!

Print recipe here.

Sweet Potato Chips
Recipe courtesy: Minimalistbaker.com

Sweet potato
olive oil
sea salt

Slice the sweet potato using a mandolin or food processor, about 1 mm thickness or less.
Drizzle sliced sweet potato with olive oil.
Sprinkle with salt.
Bake for 250F for 2 hours, flipping the chips half way.
Let chips cool completely before storing them in an air tight container.

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