Kale Chips

When Hubby decided to go with the Paleo life style, he had to forgo all of the chips.  That means, no more Fritos, his favorite chips.  So I have been trying to make homemade chips that he can eat.  One of them is Kale Chips.  This one is very easy and quick to make.

When I go to the grocery store, I get fresh bunches of kale. One time, I was tempted to buy the kale that was already pre-washed and chopped.  Well, when I looked into the bag, I noticed that the kale was chopped in a way where the rib/stem was still attached to the leaves.  So that defeated the purpose, since to make kale chips, I only needed the leaves, and no ribs/stems attached.  The kale rib is hard, and it would not get baked properly, and it would be soggy.

I usually buy fresh bunches of kale, wash the kale, and tear the stem.  Then I lay them out on cookie sheets to dry, and put the leaves back into plastic bags and refrigerate them.  This way, I have fresh, clean kale leaves ready to be used.

AK_kale chips01


To make kale chips, all I need is pre-washed kale leaves, olive oil, and salt.  That’s it.

AK_kale chips02

First, I preheat my convection oven to 350F.  Then I put the kale leaves into a large mixing bowl and drizzle on some olive oil.  I massage the leaves until they are coated with oil.  When I first heard of massaging oil onto kale leaves, I was almost rolling my eyes.  But now I understand, since the oil helps the leaves to get their crispiness.  But, too much oil makes the leaves soggy as well, so drizzle a little at a time, and add more when you need more.

AK_kale chips04
AK_kale chips05


Then I put the leaves on the cookie sheet – making sure that they are in a single layer. After that, I sprinkle some sea salt on them.

AK_kale chips06

Then, I just bake them for about 15 – 16 minutes or until the leaves were crispy.

AK_kale chips07


And there you go! Kale chips are ready in 20 minutes! What do you think?

AK_kale chips08

Print recipe here.

Kale Chips
Recipe courtesy LucyDelRey
One bunch kale
Olive oil
Sea salt

Preheat the oven to 350F.
Tear kale leaves from its rib/stem, wash and dry thoroughly.
Drizzle olive oil and massage oil into kale leaves.
Season with sea salt and bake in single layer for 15-16 minutes until crispy.

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