Black Olive Penguins

While I’m into cutesiness, let me go ahead and write about these cute edible penguins.  I stumbled upon these penguins back in 2011 at Foodie With Family.  I was so excited about the penguins, I made them that same year when Hubby and I were visiting his daughter for Christmas.  I took photos too, except, the majority of them came out blurry.  It was the cold weather in Michigan that made my hands shake when I took the pictures. 😉  Sure, blame it on the weather, and not the photographer.

So, this cutesiness stayed buried in the computer files until last year.  I made the penguins again for the office Christmas pot luck.  I took pictures again, and this time I had better pictures.  Except, nothing was done about the pictures and nothing was written either, until now.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about these little guys.  These guys are made of jumbo and medium olives, or large and medium olives, carrots, cream cheese, green onions and toothpicks.  The ones I made for the office were made out of medium and small olives, since I couldn’t find the jumbo ones at the grocery store.  In fact, at the time, olives were sparse on my grocery store’s shelves.  I didn’t know that all of the sudden black olives were in such demand.



I peeled the carrots and sliced the bottom of the carrots for the base.  Then I made a small triangle cut for the nose, leaving the rest of the sliced carrots as the penguins’ feet.



Then I cut a slit in the larger size olives with a paring knife and filled this baby up with cream cheese.  I just used a ziploc bag and squirted the cream cheese in.



Then I inserted the small carrot triangle as the nose into the smaller olive’s pit hole.



I grabbed a toothpick and pierced through the top of the “penguin head”.



Then I inserted the body into the toothpick.



And then stabbed the penguin into the sliced carrot.



And to make this already cute guy cuter, added a green onion scarf.



So what do you think? 🙂  Does this guy look like Rico? 🙂  Thank you Rebecca for sharing this recipe.  To get a complete recipe/instruction, please visit Rebecca’s post about these penguins.





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