Cute Vegetable Turkey

I know it is a day late and a dollar short to put this cute turkey up here.  But, in my defense, I was busy.  I blog when I have the time and when my brain allows me to.  I found this idea from the Hidden Valley’s website.  As cute as this turkey is, I was surprised that it did not make it to the top of the results on the search engines out there.  In fact, it was somewhat hidden and it took me going through several links to finally locate this cute turkey.

To make this cute turkey, I needed one acorn squash, grape tomatoes, crooked neck yellow squash, baby carrots, snow peas, zucchini, and celery.  Oh, and many, many toothpicks!

AK_Veg Turkey04


My grocery store only carried green acorn squash.   Had I found this cute turkey a while back, I would have bought an acorn squash and let it sit to ripen to get the same coloring as shown on Hidden Valley’s website.  So, instead, I got a turkey with a green body.

Then, for the yellow squash, I pretty much almost discombobulated my grocery store’s yellow squash bin.  That yellow squash in the picture was the only short, most crooked-neck yellow squash I could find.  The majority of the yellow squashes were long and straight as electric poles!

The rest of the vegetables were not that complicated.  They did not require the different shapes or coloring.

And since I was making this turkey at the last minute before my family started showing up, there were not that many step by step pictures.  In fact, there was only one.

I cut toothpicks into halves with a pair of scissors and sliced the veggies.  My step-daughter ended up helping me slice the zucchinis.  And this is after I told her that she could not snack on the grape tomatoes when I came back from the grocery store.  Well, I didn’t know if I would need extra tomatoes if there were any mishaps.  Boy, I thought she would not forgive me for that, but I guess she did? 🙂

I pushed two whole toothpicks into the body of the acorn squash so I could push on the yellow squash. This also stabilized the acorn squash so that it did not roll around on me. After a few trials, I figured out that it was easier to push in all of the half toothpicks into the acorn squash, and then pushed the vegetables on to the toothpicks.

I started with the tomatoes, then the carrots, snow peas, zucchinis and lastly the celery. For the harder veggies, sometimes I poked a hole in them first, and then pushed them against the acorn.

AK_Veg Turkey05


After all that was said and done, voila! What do you think? 🙂  Gobble gobble!

AK_Veg Turkey06

AK_Veg Turkey02

AK_Veg Turkey01



AK_Veg Turkey03


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