How to make perfect bacon

I guess the definition of perfect bacon is relative.  For me, perfect bacon would be crispy, cooked all the way through.  Not awfully curly and not leathery.  No flimsy, rubbery bacon for me.  But, for someone else, what I consider perfect bacon might not be the perfect bacon for them.  They might like it a little less crispy, or cooked just enough and a little flimsy.  To each his own. 

Anyway, the first time I cooked bacon, I did it in a round 12 inch frying pan.  Boy, that was a long process!  In addition to curly bacon, I had to cook a pack of bacon in several batches. Don’t even think about the oil splatters.  Definitely messy and greasy. 

Then, I got a little smarter.  I snatched the griddle from Hubby’s gas grill and claimed it as mine.  I was able to cook more bacon on this griddle, but, oil splatters were still everywhere.

Then, one year, I had to do a lot of cooking at one time, namely Easter brunch, and I resorted to baking the bacon while I occupied each of the stove top burners with pots and pans.  The oil splatters?  Well, it was contained within the four squares of my oven walls. 

From then on, I decided that I like this method best.  Bake it!  So, one day, when I was looking for a quick method on how to bake bacon (Yes, I am defeating my own purpose here.  I should have been looking at my own post to see how long to bake it and at what temperature.  After all, I blog to keep recipes online right?)  However, I found this short article at

It basically tells you to lay your bacon on a cookie sheet lined with a piece of parchment paper (foil works as well).

AK_Bacon 01


Put the bacon into a cold oven.

AK_Bacon 03

Turn the temperature to 400F.

AK_Bacon 02

And come back 17 -20 minutes later.  I was skeptical at first, but then, I really liked the result.  So I’ve been using this method ever since.

AK_Bacon 05


There, now it is on my blog, and I shall peruse this post for future reference, rather than googling how to bake bacon every time I want some bacon.  🙂

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6 Responses to How to make perfect bacon

  1. To prevent it curled up, iused to out some weight above it…
    btw, ithought that u’ve made cured bacon from scratch….LoL


    • Anny says:

      Mas Dedy, aku juga ada pemberat.. tapi pemberat disini nggak sepanjang baconnya.. terus juga lama, harus nggoreng per batch.. jadi kalo pake cookie sheet, enak, semua masuk.. hehehe…
      Hahaha… kalo cured bacon from scratch… I’ll leave that to you, the kitchen master… hehehehe


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