Mozarella Stuffed Bison Burger on Ciabatta

Last month, Hubby wanted to have a burger for dinner.  Usually, when it involves a burger, we just hop into the car and go to Whataburger.  Alas, ever since we moved into this new house, Whataburger is about 10 minutes away from us.  We were so spoiled by our previous Whataburgers, all of which were just two to three minutes away from us.  We could order the burgers to go, drive back home and still have warm burgers to munch on.  We cannot do that anymore.  Ten minutes is way too long for a burger to sit in its wrap, and it’s plenty of time for the fries to get soggy.  We have sit and eat our burgers at Whataburger, but it is just different.  You can’t eat and relax like you are in your own home.

So the alternative for us is to make our own burgers.  Of course, we would never be able to come up with that same Double Meat with Cheese and Bacon from Whataburger, but our burgers have their own merits.  We have tried different variations, from regular ground beef, ground bison, ground lamb, and ground turkey in the mix.  This time, we used bison meat and it was pretty darn good, I must say.

The ingredients were pretty simple.  Well, simple enough to include fresh Mozzarella cheese.  We stuffed our burgers with Mozzarella cheese, which, by the time we took a bite into it, the cheese was melted and ooeey-gooey in the middle.  So, ground bison, fresh mozzarella, salt, pepper, ciabatta roll, and olive oil (not pictured) were the ingredients.

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 01


First, I sliced the fresh mozzarella ball into about 1/3 inch thick.  The grocery store sells the medallion kind, which would be perfect for what we want to do with it.  But then I would end up with way too much cheese.  I chose the balled fresh mozzarella instead.

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 02


Since we wanted our burgers to be more filling, I divvied up the ground bison into three burgers.  I flattened one of them into my palm…

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 03


Plopped a slice of mozzarella cheese on top of the meat, covered the cheese with the meat and…

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 04


Voila!  Mozzarella Stuffed Bison burgers!  You can’t even see the cheese in it.  There was one thing that I learned in making burger patties in the past.  If you lined the patty with either parchment or wax paper, it is much easier to lift the patty this way.

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 05


Then Hubby got his charcoal grill hot enough, about 450F.  Here he sprayed the grate with grilling spray… and bam!  We had a flare of fire here!  No one got hurt….just a word of caution, be careful when you’re dealing with hot fire.   Well, that was somewhat of a repetitive redundancy there eh?  Fire is hot isn’t it? 😉

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 17


Then Hubby put the burgers onto the hot grate, and salt peppered them then.

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 06


And after  3 minutes, he flipped them to the other side…

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 08


In the meantime, I split the ciabata rolls into two slices each, and brushed them with olive oil.

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 09


Don’t they look good?  I’m drooling just looking at this picture!

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 10


Then Hubby grilled the bread real quick…

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 11


We slathered some mayo onto the bread; put the burger on top, put on sliced tomato and some lettuce… served it with steak fries…

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 13


Dinner was just soo, soo, good.  Are you going to make some?

AK_Mozarella Buffalo Burger 15


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15 Responses to Mozarella Stuffed Bison Burger on Ciabatta

  1. Lusiana Njo says:

    Very interesting! Does bison taste beef?


  2. Lusiana Njo says:

    I hope I’ll be able to try bison one day. 🙂


    • Anny says:

      Lusi, have you check your grocery store or any of the specialty store? You can ask the butcher if they carry bison meat or not. If they do, it is probably in the frozen section. I found mine in a small section by the beef, so I had to look for it since I think the market is not that big here. I think beef is still probably cheaper for most people.


      • Lusiana Njo says:

        Bison farming is new in Australia. So it is only sold in artisan shops. It might be very pricey but may be worth trying just once? 🙂


      • Anny says:

        Oh so they do have bison there? I wasn’t sure if farmers there would want to import bison and raise them there. Bison meat is more pricey compared to beef, so we don’t buy them often. It is kind of a treat for us to have them. 🙂


  3. ohiocook says:

    I’ve used Bison instead of Beef for about 5 years now. Like this recipe, I’ll have to try it. If you want the best tasting Bison try Wild Idea Buffalo, no one’s a close second! They have a web site, which is how I order mine.


  4. Preety damn good for exotic meat burger….
    the stangers patties that i’ve ever had is cobra’s burger, but nothing taste any better than chicken…
    Lucky you living in USA, i’m craving for thiv kind of meals,
    bush meat rocks!


  5. Brilliant! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you stuffed the cheese inside the burger!


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