Hamburger with Turkey Twist

One night last week, we decided to make hamburgers for dinner, only because I couldn’t look away from the bags of Ciabatta bread in the grocery store.  They had a lot of those fresh Ciabatta rolls lined up on a table.  Imagine yourself in one of those Sunflower farms. You stand in the middle of the farm, and everywhere you look, you see these golden, yellow, bright sun flowers.  You feel warm inside, and joy soon eradiates from your face.  Flashing back to the grocery store, everywhere I looked, I saw those Ciabatta rolls, calling to me.  You know that feeling.  And what did I do?  Oh, well, you already knew that I went home with a bag of the rolls.  Thankfully it was only one bag.  Occasionally, I can refrain myself from doing things that are too crazy.  🙂

We decided to mix ground turkey into the ground beef, just to give it a different twist.  After all, I already had these ground beef and ground turkey in the freezer, from another forgotten recipe project of mine.  I do that a lot.



Here I just dumped the ground meat into a bowl.



Mixed them together well…



Shaped them into four patties.  We were hungry.  So an itty bitty patty wouldn’t do it for us.



I sliced the bread into two.  Brushed the inside of the bread with melted butter…



And here Hubby put the patties and a couple of ears of corn on the grill, and seasoned them with just salt and pepper…



Three minutes later, the other side got the heat treatment. Salt and pepper were added on the cooked side.



About four to five minutes later, Swiss cheese was added on top of the burgers.



After the burgers were done, the bread got grilled for a quick minute or two; just enough to warm it up and give them a nice crisp edge.



Slathered mayo on one side, German mustard on the other side… plopped the burger on the mustard side…



Piled up the veggies on the other side…



Then put the veggies on top of the burger, along the other part of the bread… Holly moly! This burger was almost as tall as the burgers at Fuddruckers!



Sliced the burger into two… and I was ready to dig in.


It was really good. The charred meat, complemented with the mustard, really hit the spot.  And what did we do with the leftovers?  We took it to lunch the next day and it was still good!

So when you find yourself with frozen ground meat in the freezer, go make hamburgers. Nothing beats a simple hamburger for dinner.  Oh, and no printable recipe since this is soooo simple and no fancy ingredients. 🙂  Until my next post!

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