Grilled Ham and Kielbasa Vegetable Medley

We got overly ambitious this week.  Hubby just recently ordered a vegetable basket from Amazon, and it was purely because of Amazon’s keen advertising strategy.  He was not looking for a vegetable basket at the time; he was actually looking for something else.  Of course, due to the strategically placed thumbnail picture Amazon had put in front of him, Hubby followed it and started reading about this basket.  Then, he saw the other customer’s picture, and he was sold.

This other customer, Harry Blanchard, uploaded a picture of the basket full of cabbage and potatoes, as well as cut up ham steak.  The caption of the picture was “1/2 head of cabbage, one pound of ham steak, one large red onion, and 2 potatoes (plus seasonings) and still have room to stir the contents.”

So being the foodies that we are, you know we just had to try it.  And I was a very happy indeed.  I had just gone to the grocery this weekend, so we already had cabbage, red onion, and potatoes.  Hubby stopped by after work and got some bell peppers, corn, ham steak and kielbasa sausage.  I told you we were overly ambitious… 🙂

So after our afternoon walk in the 90s degree weather in which we were blessed to see Lufthansa’s Airbus A380 flying overhead (I have to say that plane was humongous….usually when we see an airplane in the air, it was just a spec.  This was like the size of a Monster truck in the air!).  This picture was taken with iPhone with 1/3 of enlargement to maintain sharpness.

Then it was time to cook.  After we got cleaned up, I got ready in the kitchen.  I didn’t know what ham steak was, but it is basically a thin sliced piece of ham, and about one centimeter thick.

And the result?  I just loved it!  The roasted veggies were just splendid!  And we only used salt, pepper and olive oil for seasoning.  There was something about the charred taste of vegetables, as well as ham and sausage.  This is definitely an easy, pleasing meal and will be our favorite summer meal.  Happy grilling!

Print recipe here.

Grilled Ham and Kielbasa Vegetable Medley

Recipe adapted from Harry Blanchard


½ lb ham steak
½ lb kielbasa sausage
¼ head of cabbage
½ of each, green, red, orange, and yellow bell peppers
4 oz button mushroom
¼ red onion
2-3 Spring onion
Fresh corn on the cob
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil


Preheat your grill.
Cut up the ham steak and sausage into ½ – ¾ inch cubes.
Chop vegetables into 1 inch squares
Season the vegetables with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.
Transfer the vegetables into the vegetable basket, and add the meat into the basket.  Stir well.
Grill until the vegetable are half roasted, to maintain the crispiness.

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