One-minute Berry Ice Cream

With the weather in Houston is so messed up, I thought this post might be appropriate.  Well, one day we would get 33 degree weather, and then, within two days, we would get high 70s weather.  If you don’t call that messed up weather, I don’t know what would you call it.  I guess I could say that Mother Nature is having a mood swing!   Yes, I like that!  After all, the reference of “Mother Nature” is toward a female personification, so she might be having hormonal imbalance right now.  I can totally relate with her about this issue.  🙂

Now, I am not complaining about the weather, I was just trying to explain why I am writing about ice cream in January.  Secondly, I just have to share this.  It is such a quick, tasty dessert, and can be generous to our belly’s circumference, that is, if this dessert is consumed in moderation.

I found this recipe when I was in a pinch to make a dessert.  Since I have disorganization disorder, planning is really not one of my strong points.  So, at the last minute prior to having dinner, I was thinking what could I serve for dessert.  I went online and found this 1-minute Berry Ice Cream by Jamie Oliver.

Well, mine was not exactly one minute, since I had to pause in between to take pictures.  But literally, it could take one minute to make it, if you have everything you need.

So, I needed plain yoghurt, frozen berries, honey and mint leaves.  Yes, I happened to have mint leaves in the refrigerator.  Oh, and a food processor or a blender is needed also.


I just poured everything in the food processor.  The yoghurt, frozen berries, mint leaves and honey.


Buzzed it a few times…



Tasted it.. adjusted as necessary (adding more honey or mint leaves).



Served it in small ramekins, decorated with frozen berries and small mint leaves.  It was as good as it gets.  The hint of mint in the yoghurt, combined with the tartness of the berries, a hint of sweetness from the honey, was perfect way to clean your palate after a heavy dinner.


So if you are looking for something simple and quick, try this recipe.  If you prefer a firmer texture, throw them into the freezer for a few minutes… Yum!  Thank you Jamie for a quick and easy dessert!

Print recipe here.

One-minute Berry Ice Cream
Recipe courtesy by Jamie Oliver


500 gr pack of mixed frozen berries
3-4 tablespoons honey
500 mg plain yoghurt or Greek yoghurt
Fresh mint leaves


Combine everything into a food processor, buzzed a few times until everything is combined.  Serve ice cream into small ramekins or ice cream bowl, top with frozen berries and mint leaves (optional).  If you prefer a harder texture, put the ice cream into the freezer for a few minutes.

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