Virgin Cranberry Lime Belinni

The other fun thing that I did for Thanksgiving was making Giada’s Cranberry Lime Bellini.  We just happened to watch Giada on the Cooking Channel, and we thought that would be something we could serve for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Usually we just have tea, but Giada gave us an inspiration to serve something else in addition to the tea. Additionally, it is cranberry season, so why not serve drinks that has cranberry flavor in it?

Since we don’t drink alcohol, I went and got club soda for us, and Hubby went to Specs and got the Prossecco for the family.  I went online and tried to see what was the ratio of the mix, and I couldn’t find a written recipe.  Luckily, Food Network has the video online, and I noticed that Giada used a one to one ratio.

So I needed the cranberry juice, club soda for virgin Belinni, and limes.  I knew I only needed a few limes, but since I wanted to have the garnish as well, I got about 10 limes.  It was a good thing they were on sale for 5 for a dollar!


I practiced the night before with the zester that I got specifically for the garnish.  I tried the zester on lemons the previous night, and was not quite successful in making the twist.  I was trying to use as much as the skin of the lemon and ended up peeling the skin in circular motion, just like you how you peel an apple.  Hubby suggested that I try it in an angle instead.  Well, that worked!  Instead of trying to be stingy and using up all of the lemon’s peel, I ended up with a long lemon peel.  Even after I twisted it, it still would not stay twisted.  So with this lime, I started on the top of the lime, and went down at an angle toward the middle of the lime.


Then I held both ends and twisted it, and gave it a gentle tug.  You can see from the picture that the limes turned very pretty, it reminded me of Christmas ornaments of some sort.  While I was working on the next lime, I put the peel into a cup of cold water to keep it moist.


When all said and done, I put those lime twists on the cups, and they looked very pretty!


I especially liked this one!


So in a one liter jar, I poured about 1/3 liter of the cranberry juice…


Added the club soda, and squeezed half of the lime juice into the jar…


Stirred it and poured.. and I got myself a Virgin Cranberry Lime Belinni!  It was refreshing, and actually I think I prefer to add Ginger Ale next time.  The Club Soda toned down the sweetness of the cranberry juice, which was just fine.  But I would like for the Virgin Belinni to be a tad sweeter.  Or I could use two parts of the cranberry juice and 1 part of club soda.  So if you like Cranberry juice, this is it! Easy to make and pleasing to the eye too!


Print recipe here.

Virgin Cranberry Lime Belinni
Recipe adapted from Giada de Laurentiis via Food Network

Cranberry juice, chilled
Club Soda or Ginger Ale, chilled
Lime juice


Mix two part of Cranberry Juice with one part of Club Soda, or if using Ginger Ale, two parts.  Add lime juice and stir.  Taste and add more lime juice.

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