Turkey Rolls

Several years ago, I found a blogger who created the cutest Turkey Rolls I have ever seen.  Mind you, this is not a dinner roll being shaped as a turkey or dinner rolls made out of turkey, per se.  Renata at Nurturing Notes arranged a bunch of Potato Rosemary rolls, and shaped them to resemble a turkey.   Ever since then, that picture has haunted me for years.  Practicality made me stop to even think to replicate this darling.  Since there are only two of us, it would be crazy for me to attempt to make the Turkey Rolls.  Who would eat those rolls?  You could only eat one or two with your meal.  So I just filed that blog away, and as usual, I lost it.  It took me forever to find this blog again.  I typed in “turkey rolls” or “turkey dinner rolls” and usually I found sites that actually make one individual roll to shape like turkey.  But through my perseverance, finally I found it!  And this time, I will not lose the link since I’m blogging about it!

The Thanksgiving holiday gave me a chance to attempt to make these “Turkey Rolls.”  Since I’m not an expert in yeast rolls and did not want to serve rock-hard yeast rolls to my guests, I just bought frozen dinner rolls.  And this was my first time buying such a thing also.  The package said to let the rolls thaw at room temperature for about three to five hours, and if I wanted to shape them, to shape them when the rolls are thawed but still cold.


So, I dug out the largest pizza pan I have, and scattered the rolls around the pan.  I covered the rolls with plastic wrap, which was sprayed with no-stick spray.  This was to prevent the plastic from sticking to the rolls and ruining the smooth surfaces.

After a couple of hours, the rolls were thawed but still cold.  I attempted to shape some of the rolls, the way Renata did hers.  I tried to shape the rolls on the edge of the pan into a teardrop shape.  I decided to let the body of the turkey go, since I didn’t want to combine 6 rolls and reshape it into one huge roll.  I might mess up the rolls.   So, I just put 6 rolls very close to each other, and imagined that the turkey had a six pack!  Hee hee.

Then, I put on two black sesame seeds as the turkey’s eyes, and clipped the dough with a pair of scissors to make the beak.  After all that, I brushed them all with melted butter.


After three hours, the rolls had risen to their maximize size!!  Whoa!!!  The rolls totally crowded the pizza pan, and I had these rolls bunched to each other.  I lost the tear-drop shape on the outer edge of the pan.  I baked them anyway, since there is really nothing I could do at this time.  But in the future, I think I will play more with this frozen dough to get the shape I want.



After the rolls were baked, you have to let your imagination run rampant to see any resemblance to a turkey in these rolls.  Other than the sesame seeds marking that roll as the head of the turkey, you really can’t see it.  I imagined that the six rolls in the middle as the body of the turkey, which this is apparently a healthy turkey that has six pack on its abdomen.  Then, the two rolls underneath the body were the feet of the turkey.   I guess you could think that the turkey was wearing a pair of sneakers.  And the rest of the rolls were the feathers of the turkey.  Like I said, you have to let your imagination run amok to be able to see it.


It was fun, and I enjoyed playing with it.  And thank you Renata, for giving such an inspiration to shape dinner rolls into something exciting!

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