How to slice grapes

I just have to share this.  I know, you might be thinking, why is she writing about how to slice grapes?  Well, it is because I have never sliced grapes all at one time before.  I have been slicing my grapes or cherry tomatoes one fruit at a time.  And sometimes I wonder, how do the restaurant people do it when they have to slice a whole 10 pounds of cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes.  Now I know how!  I found that out when I was watching Chuck’s Day Off on the Cooking Channel.

Chuck was preparing to make a salad for four people, and he had maybe about 20 to 30 grapes that he needed to slice.  He grabbed a plate that has a rim at the bottom, turned it upside down, and put the grapes within the rim of the foot of the plate.  Then he grabbed another plate, and put the plate on top of the grapes, right side up, and sliced away!  I was just flabbergasted!

I knew I had to try it myself!  So, I pulled the grape container out of the refrigerator…


Grabbed a bowl and turned it upside down.  I used a bowl since this was just a test for me and I didn’t want to slice a whole lot of grapes.


Then I grabbed several grapes and put them within the rim of the bowl.


Put another bowl on top of the grapes.


Grabbed a knife, ready to slice, while the other hand was holding the bowl with a little bit pressure.


Then I sliced away!!  Look!!  Sliced grapes, with one stroke!  How fun was that??


So what do you think?  Do you want to try it?  🙂

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