Homemade Mayo – Recap

This short post is just going to be a semi-rerun of my Homemade Mayonnaise post, except this is just basically a recap, with a twist added.  It’s going to be a little bit boring I’m afraid, since I don’t have step by step pictures of the Mayo remake.    First and foremost, I did not plan on writing about this at all.  But then on a second thought, I changed  my mind.  I thought that I would just write a blurb about it and then wrap it up.  But, as I can see, I am already typing more than 300 characters.  Maybe it won’t be a short post after all.

The reason I want to write about it because I want to share with anyone out there who wants to tackle homemade mayo.  The first time I made it, as you can see from previous post, I used a hand whisk.  The process was slow, with the risk of achieving runny mayo because my arm was already tired before this so called homemade mayo reached its desired thickness.  The second time I made homemade mayo using the same recipe, I decided to use the KitchenAid mixer, partly because I tripled the recipe.  I was planning using the hand whisk, but, after looking at the amount of oil (about 2 cups), I said “I don’t think so”  and hauled out the mixer.  Had I used the hand whisk, I might still be whisking right now…..

I used the whisk attachment and the high speed setting for this project, and it worked really well.  I mixed all of the ingredients first, and  turned on the mixer until they were combined.  As usual, I did not read carefully, and ended up already adding the oil before the mixture thickened up.  But, I persevered and continued on and would not be deterred by this failure.  😀  Well, the worst case scenario would be, I have runny mayo.

I added maybe about a tablespoon of oil into the mixing bowl and let the mixer work for a minute before adding the next tablespoon of oil.  So it was a very slow process.  The recipe said to add two tablespoons of oil at one time, but I just bided my time.  At first, I was doubtful because the mixture was really runny, evidenced by the splatter, even though I already used the plastic cover that came with the mixer.  Not until I used up about 3/4 of the total amount of oil, the mixture started to thicken and the splatter was slowing down.  I was wondering at the time if I would have ended up with another batch of runny mayo.

Well, at the end, I came up with an impressive batch of homemade mayo.  I said impressive since I was able to achieve the perfect state of emulsion… 😀  Well, what you do think from the picture below?

The thickness of the mayo was perfect, with a somewhat lighter taste than the store-bought one.  It has a hint of sweetness and tanginess, creamy, but most importantly, it was fresh and has no preservatives.  We used the homemade mayo that Sunday afternoon to smear our Ciabatta bread for the Caprese Burger, which we shared with Hubby’s beloved Mom and Daughter.   So, that’s the short post I wish to share with you, I hope I didn’t bore you too much!

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