Lettuce 101

Ha ha… what goes through your mind when you read this title?  Well, I thought that I would post this tip since I did not know about this until late in my life!  Maybe it will help some of you, or maybe not.  You can just skip this boring subject and check back later.

All this time, I was struggling with lettuce, trying to rip chunks of leaves with my fingers until I got cramps in my fingers.  Or I tried to peel them layer by layer, which basically was a silly way to deal with lettuce.  Amid my readings, between one blogger to another blogger, I found this simple, amazing tip about lettuce.  Well, are you ready?  Just simply thwack the bottom of your lettuce on your countertop.  Yes, thwack it!  Whack it!  Smack it!  Okay.. I better stop trying to find words that have the same sounds..

See what I did to this lettuce?  I just smacked the core or the bottom of the lettuce onto my countertop.  A hard smack.


Then I flipped the lettuce, and see how the core was a little crooked?


I was then able to just pull the core out easily!


See!!!  I didn’t lie to you!  The cored-out lettuce is ready to be ripped out easily!  No more cramped fingers trying to pry out the lettuce leaves.


So, that is our Lettuce 101 for the day.  Are you going to try it? Let me know!  Until next time folks!  Have a good thwack with your lettuce!  Oh, and if you have any tips you want to share, please feel free to let me know! 🙂

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