Christmas Mice

First I wish everyone to a Happy New Year!  Although this is the first day of the year, my post will be my last cooking for last year!  I probably should have finished this post yesterday, but I just couldn’t muster the energy to do that.  So… with that preamble, let’s talk about what I last made last year.

This year’s Christmas was a special one for us.  For one, this was the first time Hubby spent Christmas day with his daughter, Katie, after 31 years.  So it was definitely the highlight of this Christmas, for Hubby to be able to spend the day together with his lovely daughter.  It was also a special day for me, for this was the first time I spent Christmas day with Katie and her family.   And more special, because Grandma was also with us.  It was a joyful occasion, for us to be able to be together and celebrate Jesus’s birthday.

While we were waiting for Katie to get home from work, I decided on a whim to make those very easy Christmas Mice.  It gave me something to do, as well as gave me reason to work together with Kameron.  He likes to cook, and he enjoyed making the Pilgrim’s Hat that I thought he would enjoy helping out on making the Chocolate Mice.

I’m not sure if there is  any origin behind the Christmas Mice.  A quick search online shows a few stories or songs about mice during Christmas time.  So I didn’t really look really hard, since these cute snacks are probably just made-up snacks.  They are cute, and who needs any reasons behind cuteness?  I thank whoever created this Christmas Mice idea, since it really was a quick and cute snack.

I found the recipe on PW’s Tasty Kitchen’s website.  I only remember that the ingredients were very simple and I didn’t have to measure anything.  I needed the chocolate kisses, maraschino cherrys with stem, almond bark, and sliced almonds.  Now, I mistakenly wrote down slivered almonds on the grocery list for Hubby, so don’t do what I did.  I don’t know what I was thinking, I guess my brain wasn’t working properly at the time.



First thing I did just was to drain the cherries from their juice, and rinsed them a little bit.



Then I peeled some of candy Kisses so they would be ready to be assembled.



Then I let the cherries sit in the colander for a few moments before I transferred them to the paper towel to dry them a little bit more.



Then, I also poured the sliced almonds into a small bowl and then we got all the stuff ready to be assembled.



Then I broke about two pieces of the almond bark into a small bowl, and nuked them in the microwave in 30 seconds increments until they were completely melted.


Then I got Kam to make the first mouse.  First he dipped a cherry into the chocolate.



Then he attached a candy  Kiss onto the cherry to make the mouse’s head and rested the mouse’s body on a piece of wax paper.



Then Kam inserted a sliced almond behind the Kiss, and he made one ear.  🙂



Then he inserted the other sliced almond and the mice is now has a complete head.



Then using a toothpick, Kam dotted the Kisses to create the eyes.  Isn’t this too cute?



So, we were making Christmas mice that afternoon until we used up the cherries.  Isn’t my kitchen Elf really cute with his Santa hat on?



He was really patient with those mice too!



So, when you find you have nothing to do, but you have young ones with you, make these Christmas mice!  You will spend quality time together and enjoy eating those mice! 🙂



This is upclose and personal, this one was Herbert.



Herbert was so cute, but it didn’t save him… (warning, the picture below is somewhat graphic… watch at your own risk!)



So, are you going to make some?  You can make it anytime and no time at all!


Print recipe here.

Christmas Mouse
Recipe adapted from: Clabbergirl

3 – 4 blocks of almond bark
1 jar  Maraschino Cherry, stem attached
1 pack  Hershey’s Kiss
Sliced Almonds

Preparation Instructions

Melt almond bark in microwave in 30 seconds increments until melted.  Dip the cherry (which has been drained and dried off with paper towels) into the melted chocolate and place onto Silpat, parchment-lined or waxed paper lined cookie sheet.

Immediately press the kiss onto the cherry, holding in place for several seconds. Place the pointed tips of the almonds between the cherry and kiss until the chocolate sets up, several seconds. Using a toothpick or a skewer, dot chocolate onto the tip of the kiss to form the nose. Do the same for the eyes.

Once the chocolate set, peel mouse carefully from the paper and put it in a plate or an airtight container.

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  1. leashieloo says:

    Awww! Those chocolate mice are SO CUTE!!!


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