Muffin Pecan Pies

A week before the kids came down for Thanksgiving, Hubby and I discussed what we were going to have for the Thanksgiving dinner, and who was bringing what.  Somehow we came to the discussion about pecan pie.  I was wondering if I should make pecan pie, in addition to the pumpkin pie for dessert.  Then Hubby mentioned, “Why don’t you and Katie ask Mom to show you how to make her Muffin Pecan Pies.”  I then wondered if I ever had her pecan pies, which, if I had, I should have remembered it.  My memory usually fails on non-pertinent stuff, but food wise – it should stick like a burr on your shoes.  I told Hubby that I don’t think I ever had Mom’s Pecan Pie, but Hubby said I did.  He said that I had them when we went to visit his Mom and Dad in the beginning of our relationship.  Boy… that was ages ago, when brontosauruses were still in their mamas’ eggs!
Thanksgiving came and went, and I actually had pictures of Mom making her famous pecan pies.  Sadly, I was such an amateur, and most of the pictures did not come out right.  Either it was blurry or focused at the wrong object.  Plus, there was a mishap in the kitchen that the muffin pecan pies were a little bit too toasty.

So I decided to remake the Muffin Pecan Pies for Mom’s surprise birthday party, where we kind of, sort of kidnapped her, to the point that she thought we were taking her gambling in Louisiana.  🙂  When I have the time, I will blog in my travel blog about the place we took her.

The ingredients for the crust were margarine, cream cheese, and flour.  Then for the filling, pecan, corn syrup, egg, sugar, and vanilla.




I was lazy, and I wanted to utilize my food processor, so I used everything I could possibly think of.  Like, dumping the pecans into the bowl…




Then I chopped them up… , well, the machine chopped them up….



Then I made the dough with it too.  I cut up the cream cheese and the margarine.  At this point, I decided to double up the recipe.



Added the flour…



And closed the food processor, and pulsed it and the magicky thingy worked!  Within seconds, well, not seconds… within less than a minute I had my dough ready!  What would take me a few minutes with my pastry cutter was done in less than a minute.  How wonderful is that?  I went a bit further than the coarse crumbs and got this.



Then instead of making them into balls, I just flattened the dough up, and cut them into about 24 pieces equal pieces.



I plopped the cut up dough into greased muffin pans…



Then I utilized a hot pepper bottle to flatten the dough up, since I didn’t have Mom’s tiny tortilla press…



And then I used my fingers to flatten the edges of the dough to line up with the muffin pan.



Voila!  Done!  Easy right?



It took no time at all!



The it was time for the filling.  I broke the eggs and whisked them lightly.



Added the sugar…



At this point, since I doubled up the recipe, I added a cup of light brown sugar instead of another cup of white sugar.



Then I added the light corn syrup…









Whisked them well…



And lastly, added the chopped pecans.



Mixed them until combined.



Then I used a scooper and poured the filling into the crust…



I filled them up until it was almost full.  Next time though, I need to  either raise the crust’s edges, or fill it with less filling.  The syrup overflowed when baked, and it created the toasty look.



And when they were ready, I baked them at 425F for 10 minutes.  Then after ten minutes, I turned it down to 325F for 15 minutes.



And they were done.  See what I meant about the syrup was burnt at the edges of the muffin pan?



Pretty, individual pecan pies.




They tasted really good, not too sweet, not too much.



After letting them cool for a few minutes, I dug them out with a butter knife…



And let them cool on a wire rack.



Pecan pies ready to be consumed….



I took a bite, and it was just perfect.  You don’t feel like you’re cheated out of the crust, and the filling is just perfect that it didn’t hurt your teeth from being too sweet. Easy, peasy pecan pie.  All right folks, I won’t have time to try out new stuff between now until maybe after Christmas, so I won’t have any new posting for a week or so.  Merry Christmas to you and your family, and have a safe holiday!



Print recipe here.

Muffin Pecan Pies

1   8 oz cream cheese
1/2  stick  butter   or   Oleo
1 cup  flour

Cut the flour into the butter and cream cheese using a pastry cutter, or pulse using a food processor until you get coarse mixture.  Then shape dough into a flat rectangle shape, and cut into 12 equal pieces.  Put each piece into a greased muffin pan.  Flatten the dough using the bottom of a small bottle.  Press the edges against the muffin pan to create the crust.

2  whole  eggs,   beaten  well
1  cup  sugar
1  cup  corn  syrup
2  tbs   flour
1  teas   vanilla
1  cup   chopped   pecans

Mix all ingredients together, drop several  teaspoons   into  each  muffin   cup.   Bake  at  425 degrees  for  10  minutes   and  then  reduce  heat  to 325  degrees  for  15  more  minutes.   Remove  from  tin  as  soon  as   possible   to  keep  them  from  sticking.

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2 Responses to Muffin Pecan Pies

  1. Christy says:

    Hi! Being a single gal wanting to cook/bake for my adorable boyfriend, I def don’t want to bake an entire pie! And every recipe for baked goods is enough to feed a small army- not suitable for 2 people. Last time I baked a whole blueberry pie he had 2 slices and I ate the rest! Oopsie! So I love the idea of these mini muffin pan pecan pies because I can give them away to friends when I bake them and I can also freeze them. Which brings me to my question- any idea how long the crusts and even filling will freeze for? Thanks!


    • Anny says:

      Hi Christy, I completely understand your position. There are only my husband and I, so usually we either ate all of the dessert (which was not good for our waistline), or bring them to the office to share with my coworker. I never freeze these mini pecan pies myself. However, if you have a Food saver vacuum sealer, I think it will maintain the freshness for at least a month or two, or even longer. If not, if you double wrap it with aluminum foil, it might last a month or so. Good luck! 🙂


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