Kam’s Hot Cocoa

One thing about grandparenting that I know for sure is that you have to keep the kids busy.  Then of course, you have to spoil them, spoil them so that when they go back to their parents, the parents have to straighten them out… ha ha… Just kidding.  To keep Kameron busy, I put him in the kitchen and had him make something.  One of the things that he made was hot cocoa.  He is the expert in the house in making hot cocoa.

First he measured out the milk, dumped it into a pan…


Then the water…



Sugar…  Oh, I thing that I learned about grand-parenting – keep sugar in your house.  These boys loves to drink tea, and tea means sweetened tea.  I was so glad that I have an extra 4 pounds of sugar in my pantry, I didn’t have to go back to the grocery store!



Dumped the sugar into the pan…



Then he measured out the cocoa…



Dumped the cocoa in the pan…  Now that I really looked at what he dumped into the pan, I have to go check my cocoa supply!!  Whoa… that looks like about half a cup cocoa there!



Measured out vanilla… Oh, and this particular recipe he was following at the time did not use vanilla.  He added it anyway, since that’s how he made his hot cocoa when he was home.




Added some salt…



Then he stirred it around, combining all of the ingredients…



Let the milk get warmer and hotter…



Then he laddled up the hot cocoa into a mug…


Dropped in two marshmallows… yummy!



And he sat down and enjoyed his own creation.  🙂


Simple, pleasing to the tummy, and puts a smile on your face because your tummy is warm…  🙂



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