Quick Potato Salad

When our homemade mayonnaise turned 5 days old… ha ha… it feels like I was talking about our baby or something.  😀  We were thinking that we either need to use it up, or throw it away.  It wasn’t worth it to get food poisoning to save a half a cup of homemade mayonnaise.  Unless if you’re thinking to lose a few pounds drastically, that is.  Neither of us were trying to lose pounds, so we racked our heads to come up with something.  I believed we were eating BBQ out of the freezer, and I didn’t have any potato salad in the refrigerator.  So I suggested to Hubby that we’ll use the mayo to make potato salad.

I didn’t have many pictures, since it was an impromptu project.  Some were taken, some came out good, and some came out bad.  I didn’t have time to adjust any lighting setting, so I forgo some pictures.  Remember, I am still an amateur in photography.   After all, potato salad is not that attractive to look at.  Right?  🙂  Plus it was a “winged it” recipe.  It was just whatever we threw in there.  Since it was whatever we threw in there, I decided not to create a printable recipe.  So please forgive me, don’t get mad at me.  There are tons of good potato salad recipe out there.

So I boiled two eggs to go with the potato salad…  I actually needed only one boiled egg; the other one was for my consumption… he he…



Also boiled the potatoes…



Then when the egg and potatoes were done, I let them cool before I chopped them.



Other stuff that I chopped were onion (just a little bit) and sweet gherkin pickle.  These did not make it into the pictures, as well as these other steps:  Added the mayo, ground white pepper, and salt.  Mixed them up, tasted it, and then….   We had our plain potato salad. The taste?  It was not bad actually for a quick and simple potato salad.  So do you have a few potato left over sitting in the corner?  Make a quick potato salad!

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