Pie Crust II

I came across this recipe when I first started reading PW’s blog (that was back in February – March time frame).  At the time, I had already tried and made Fannie Flagg’s recipe for pie crust several times, and was pretty successful at making it.  I read the ingredients on PW’s blog, and noticed that it has several different ingredients, namely egg and vinegar.  Well, I saved the recipe, but it was not until last week that I tried the recipe.  I have to say that I was having difficulty with rolling out the pie crust.  The dough was way too crumbly, and it was just a mess when I tried to roll it out.  It was way too moist with all of the liquid as directed by the recipe.  Probably it was error on my part, but I will just stick to FF’s recipe.  The crust tasted kinda like shortbread, crumbly, and it wasn’t flaky.  So, let’s check it out.

The ingredients: flour, salt, Cricso, egg, vinegar, water, Dijon mustard…  Ha ha.. I was just kidding on the Dijon mustard, just in case you’re falling asleep reading this post.



As usual, I measured out the flour…



Then I dropped in the shortening….



Cut the shortening into the flour using the pastry cutter…



And, it was here when I felt something was not quite right.  I didn’t get the “coarse meal” look.  The dough was in big clumps.  I was then thinking about FF’s recipe, that she calls for 2 cups of flour for 2/3 cup of Crisco.  This recipe here calls for 3 cups of flour and 1 1/2 cup of Crisco.  It made sense that the dough would have been wetter and more clumpy than FF’s recipe.



Then I beat the egg lightly.



Poured it into the dough…



Added the water in a ramekin…



Dumped the water into the dough…  Perhaps this was what my error was.  I probably should have just added the liquid tablespoon by tablespoon, rather than dumped the whole 5 tablespoons of water.   But I’m double checking PW’s post just now, and she said just add the 5 tablespoons of water.  Oh well, I’ll move on…



Added the salt…



Mixed it well, and then I split the dough into three; shaped them into three disks, and wrapped each of them in plastic wrap.  The recipe said to chill the dough at least 15 to 20 minutes or freeze them.  I let the dough chill for about one and half hours.  I don’t remember now what was it that I was doing.  Oh, I think I was messing around with pumpkin puree.



When I was ready to roll out the dough, I sprinkled flour onto the cutting board.



Then I plopped the dough on top of it.



Then I began to roll out the dough.  I was having a hard time since the dough was too moist for me to work with.  It crumbled easily, and I think I added some more flour for me to be able to work on the dough.



I then lifted up the dough using my rolling pin and scrapped the bottom since some of the dough stuck to the cutting board.



Then I placed the dough onto the pie pan.  See how it was crooked?  Well, I attempted to shift the dough, and it would not budge.  I didn’t feel like rolling the dough out again since by this time I was starting to get frustrated.  My other issue was, I didn’t have much dough to work with.  The dough just enough for a 9 – inch pie pan, without extra left over.  I was used to with FF’s recipe, which gave me lots of left over.



Since the dough was not really centered on the pie pan, I crimped the dough differently.  I just pinched it this time.



Then it was done.  It was a hard dough to work with.  I will stick to FF’s recipe in the future, although, one of my grandkids just told me that the crust was pretty good.  But, Granny is still going to stick to FF’s recipe.  If you’re interested to try this recipe, you can find it at PW’s post.  Maybe you will have more luck than me.  If you do, please fell free to shout out some tips!  Ciao!

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2 Responses to Pie Crust II

  1. First thing about pie crust is never used any white egg, it make the dough chewy and too soft to roll on, i guess from the pic u mix the yolk with the white…
    then you should add the water lil by little, the temperature is the key factor, for cold weather you need more water…
    btw, your pastry cutter is awesome….


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