Caprese Burger

In this post I’m going to talk about our Caprese Burger.  Hubby was really excited that he thought he invented this Caprese Burger.  So excited that he went and got a good type of beef cut from a certain grocery store that carries a good beef, the Angus beef.

That night, after we ate the yummy, wonderful Caprese Burger, I googled it, and found that a lot of people made this burger too.  He was somewhat dissappointed, but, for me, he invented it for our household.  I would not have thought to make it myself.

So before I got home that night, I stopped by at Jason’s Deli to get Wheat Ciabatta bread as the bun. When I got home, I made the mayonnaise, while Hubby went and ground the beef.



When he was done, we got this!



For the hamburger’s seasoning, we just cracked fresh white and black pepper, and added some sea salt to the mix.



Then I made the one pound of ground beef into three hamburger patties.



The Caprese part of the burger, which consisted of mozzarella cheese, hot house tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves.



I put the patties into a heated grill pan, then sprinkled the seasoning on them.



While the meat was cooking, I went ahead and sliced the mozzarella cheese.  I sliced them a bit too thick, next time I would slice them thinner.



There you go!  The main ingredients of Caprese Salat.



Then I flipped the burgers.



Then I toasted the halved Ciabatta bread, which I brushed with some olive oil on each side of the sliced parts.



Then when the burger was almost done, we topped them off with the slices of cheese and let it melt.



Toasted Ciabatta.  I can eat it just like that!



The cheese started to melt…



Then I assembled the burger. Bottom part of the Ciabatta, then hamburger, cheese…



Tomato (which, I should have sliced them thinner as well)…



A dollop of mayo…






And top it off the with top bun.  Voila! Caprese burger as imagined.



Wonderful, simple creation. Easy enough?  Yes it is.  Now you try to make one.  🙂



Print recipe here.


Caprese Burger

Hamburger patty
Ciabatta bread, sliced in the middle
Mozzarella Cheese
Fresh basil leaves

Grill hamburger as directed, add seasoning as needed.
When the hamburger is done, top with cheese and let it melt.
Brush the cut side bread with olive oil, toast.
Thinly slice the tomato, mozzarella cheese
Assemble burger, bottom bun, hamburger, melted cheese, tomato, mayonnaise, basil, and the top bun.

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