Homemade Mayonnaise

Last Friday, a little household in Houston was trying out their culinary experience.  Hubby saw this column in the Houston Chronicle about the Fifty Best Hamburgers in Houston.  One of the burgers caught his eyes, which was showing something red in the middle of the two half buns, as well as some creamy, pale, sliced cheese.   Somehow that reminded him of the Caprese Salad we had in Salzburg.  So he had an idea that we should make a “Caprese Burger.”  Then, he also mentioned about us, well me actually, making homemade mayonnaise to go with it.  I had mentioned to him a couple weeks ago that I would like to try to make homemade mayo.  This came about after reading Michael Chu’s post about homemade mayo.

So Friday when I got home, miraculously this recipe from Cuisinart shows up in my palm. The ingredients were similar to Michael’s experiment, except I think he used real egg, and this recipe calls for fake egg, the Egg Beaters.  I know it is not fake, but it is kinda a fake egg right?  I mean, egg whites with yellow coloring.  Right?   So sugar, salt, oil, vinegar, dijon mustard, lemon, and white pepper were the rest of the ingredients.



First I measured the egg into a small bowl.   I remember reading Michael’s post, that someone used those hand blenders in a jar.  Somehow that works real well in emulsifying the oil and the egg and the other stuff.   Well, I didn’t own a hand beater, so I just used a whisk just like Michael did.



Then I added the lemon juice…






Dijon mustard…






A pinch of white pepper powder, and ready to whisk.



I added the oil a little bit by little bit and whisked vigorously.   I had no picture of this action, since that required a third and fourth hands.   By whisking the egg and drizzling the oil a little bit by little bit, and adding more after everything was combined, I was achieving “emulsion”.  According to Dictionary.com, emulsion means “Physical Chemistry.  Any colloidal suspension of a liquid in another liquid.”  So, there.  I dare not stop whisking and take time to take picture, otherwise; the oil might not combined with the egg and the other stuff.  So when it was said and done, the mayo looked like this.   It was a little runnier than the store-bought one.   Perhaps I didn’t whisk hard enough, or the consistency of the egg I used, since technically I didn’t use egg yolk, but, for a first time mayo, it wasn’t bad.



So, I just poured the mayo in a bottle jar, and kept it in the fridge for about 5-6 days. So, do you want to try to make it?



Print recipe here.


Recipe from: Cuisinart

¼ cup pasteurized liquid egg product (such as EggBeaters®)
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
½ tablespoon white vinegar
½ tablespoon Dijon-style mustard
½ teaspoon granulated sugar
pinch sea or kosher salt
pinch ground white pepper
2/3 cup vegetable oil

Place all ingredients, except for the oil, in the Cuisinart blending cup in order listed. Using the Cuisinart® Cordless Hand Blender, process until mixture begins to thicken. Be sure to keep the metal blade completely submerged while blending. Gradually add the oil, two tablespoons at a time. Continue processing with a gentle up-and-down motion until thick, about 30 seconds longer.

Makes about 1 cup

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