Roasted Asparagus

I am still hesitant to say if I really like asparagus or not.  It’s just that it has a bit of bitter taste to it, although, I would eat collard greens in a heart beat.  With lots of Tabasco sauce that is.   🙂  Or, brussels sprouts, I love brussels sprouts.  Some people will turn their nose up when they hear the word brussels sprouts.

I remember my boss’s boss mentioned to me before that she cooks the asparagus the same way as she cooks green beans, roasted them with garlic and such.  So I tried it myself.  Asparagus, salt, pepper, garlic and shallot.


First I snapped all the asparagus spears by bending the two ends and let it snap.  I kept the top portion of the asparagus.


Then I sliced the garlic and shallot very thin.


Lined the asparagus on the cookie sheet.


Sprinkled it with olive oil.


Sprinkled the garlic and shallot on top.  Salt and peppered it, and baked it for about 12 minutes.


The result? Well, I liked it.  Hubby said I put too much pepper though.  So, it depends on how each person likes it.  Perhaps next time I just sprinkle just a little pepper, and then add more pepper on my plate, that way, everyone is happy.  Bon appetite!



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