Cottage Fried Potatoes

Several weeks ago, the boss of my boss’s boss… ha… well, there are three layers of bosses in my immediate organization chart.  My boss’s boss’s boss has more bosses layers above her.  So to avoid confusion, how about if I just call her the big boss?  So there.  The big boss gave me several deer sausages.  She made her husband clean out their freezer before he could go deer hunting again and stuff the freezer with the newly hunted game.  So she gave me several types, plain deer, deer and hamburger mix, deer and jalapeno, and deer and cheese I think.  So I mentioned it to Hubby, and Hubby mentioned that he had an idea what to cook it with.

So Hubby told me to get some red potatoes, bell pepper and onion.  The other ingredients?  Just oil, salt and pepper.  Hubby mentioned that he did not want to have anything else that would overwhelm our taste buds.  Something plain and simple.  Nothing beats meat and potato meal.  Ha.. yes, I have been converted.


So I chopped the vegetables and roots.


Then Hubby just pan fried the sausages, after slicing them lengthwise.


Then he put olive oil into another pan, and dumped the potatoes in there.


He salted and peppered it.


Then it was time to flip the sausages to brown the other side.


He dumped the bell pepper and onion into the potato pan.


He covered the pan, and cooked it until the potatoes were tender.


Then the sausages were ready, and dinner was ready.


Cottage fried potatoes to accompany the deer sausage, with a small salad on the side.  It was a hearty meal, perfect for a colder weather meal.


Print recipe here.

Cottage Fried Potatoes
Recipe by: Russell Page

Red Potatoes, cut into one inch pieces
Bell pepper, chopped
Onion, chopped
Olive oil

Heat a frying pan and drizzle with olive oil.
Dump potatoes and season with salt and pepper.  Let it cook for about 10 minutes.  Stir potatoes occasionally.  Less stirring will give you browner potatoes.
Next dump the bell pepper and onion, stir around, cover, and let it cook for additional 10 minutes or until potatoes are tender.

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2 Responses to Cottage Fried Potatoes

  1. leashieloo says:

    Love, love, love potatoes. These look great!


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