Pie Crust

I started making pies several years ago I think.  It was all because of Fannie Flagg’s Whistle Stop Cookbook that I bought.  She has this recipe for pecan pie that was very easy, and back then, I was buying frozen, ready-made pie crusts from the grocery store.  Until one day, I decided to try to make Fannie Flagg’s apple pie recipe.  In her apple pie recipe, she refers to the pastry recipe for a Chicken Pot Pie.  I was hesitating to try to make pie crust, since almost everyone I talked to at the office said making pie crust is very hard. But, I tried it one day, and I pretty much make pie crust from that recipe every since then.

So what I needed to make this pie crust was all-purpose flour, salt, shortening, cold water.  Pretty simple right?


I measured out the flour into a mixing bowl.

Added the salt, stirred it around to make sure the salt was distributed through-out the flour.

Then, dropped in the shortening.

Then, I used a fork to cut the flour into the shortening, or the shortening into the flour, whichever way you prefer.

Until it resembled coarse meal…

Then, I added cold water into the mixture a tablespoon at a time, and used the fork to toss the mixture around.

I used all the 6 tablespoons of water that the recipe said, and by the end, the dough mixture looked like this picture below.

Then, I wet both of my hands, and shaped the dough into a disk shape, adding the water from my hands into the dough.  The addition of water from my hands was just enough to make the dough moist and pliable.  Most of the time, when I just added the 5-6 tablespoons of water, the dough came out too dry and crumbly when I tried to roll it out.  I tried not to handle the dough too much, and then wrapped it in a plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

So then I was ready to roll out my pie dough by dusting my cutting board with flour.

I started rolling out the dough from the center toward the outside, then changed the angle of the rolling pin into about 45 degree, and then repeated these steps.  I liked to make sure that the dough is as round as possible.

Then, I put the pie pan on top of the dough to make sure the dough was big enough for the pan.

Then, not pictured here, I put the rolling pin at the edge of the dough, and then put the dough on top of the rolling pin, and rolled the dough so I could lift it up.  Once that was done, I put the dough on top of the pie pan and rolled it out.  If you really want to see the picture, you can check out the picture of this action in the Peach Cobbler post.

Then, I pressed the dough to the bottom and the side of the pan.

Trimmed off the excess dough with a pair of scissors…

And folded the edge of the dough in between the dough and the pan.

Then I fluted the edge of the dough, for which I really needed to have a third hand ;).  I had to recruit Hubby to take this picture.

Then I continued to flute the edge of the dough until it was all done.

Isn’t this pretty?

So, it was pretty easy to make your own pie crust.  Do you want to try it?

Print recipe here.

Recipe from: Whistle Stop Café Cookbook

2 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup shortening
5 to 6 tablespoon cold water


Combine flour and salt; cut in shortening with a pastry blender until crumbly.  Sprinkle cold water over mixture, 1 tablespoon at a time, tossing with a fork until mixture is dampened.  Turn out onto a piece of wax paper and press into a disk.  Wrap well and refrigerate.

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4 Responses to Pie Crust

  1. Grace says:

    I love your recipes! I’ve been reading for some time now, especially as a student from Indonesia who has home economics. 🙂 I’ve been like a ninja though, but now I have to ask, where have you been? I miss reading your experiences and recipes! Love from Indonesia.


    • Anny says:

      Hi Grace, thanks for visiting. 🙂 I’m glad you like reading my experiences and recipes. I’ve been putting the blog on hold since I am going through a major life event (moving to a different home and then going back to Indonesia for family visit). So for now, I have not try any new recipes that I can share on my blog. Once life is back to normal though, I will be back blogging about food 🙂 Where are you in Indonesia?


      • Grace says:

        Oooh I hope all is well now 🙂 Are you still living in America though? I live in Jakarta, although recently I relocated to Karawaci 🙂 Where do you come from from Indonesia?


      • Anny says:

        All is well thank you :). Yes, I still live in America. My geography is so poor now, I had to look up where Karawaci is :). I originally came from Malang. How about you?


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