Cedar-planked Cornish Game Hen

Last weekend, we had Cedar-planked Cornish Game Hen for dinner.  I got these Cornish Game hens from the frozen section in the grocery store.  I don’t think I ever seen it other than the frozen section, but I could be wrong.  And for a long time, over ten years that is, I thought Cornish Game hen is some kind of wild bird.  Well, I was wrong.  Both wikipedia and wisegeek state that Cornish Game hen is a very young chicken, which was fed frequently.  How the word “game” got in there, who knows…

So let’s talk about how we prepared these birds.  Hubby cooked them just like he did the Planked Chicken.  The seasoning was very simple too, salt, pepper, paprika, and olive oil. That’s it!



We cut the plastic open, and the birds got a rinse.



There, two teeny tiny, well, not that tiny birds ready to get manhandled.



Then, to make sure that the birds get cooked faster, I butterflied the birds by cutting from the top of the neckline, through the breastbone.



And they were ready to be seasoned.



Now, three to four hours prior to cooking, we soaked the cedar boards first. So by this time, the boards were ready to be used.



Hubby salted, peppered and paprikaed the birds.. he he… is there such word called “paprikaed”? 😀



Then Hubby let the birds sit there to absorb the seasoning, while he started messing with the grill.



Then, once the grill got hot, hubby put the cedar board on top of the grate. You can hear the board sizzle as it came in contact with the hot grate.



Then the birds got put on top of the boards.



And now we just twiddled our thumbs waiting for the birds to be done.



Fifty minutes later, we got dinner!



We served it with yellow rice with black olives and slices of tomatoes.  Yum!



The skin was crispy, the breast meat was tasty, although it was a bit tough.  We were wondering if they were young chickens at all. 🙂  But overall, it was a delicious dinner.  So, if you don’t feel like messing with a chicken, get these babies instead!

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2 Responses to Cedar-planked Cornish Game Hen

  1. OliePants says:

    Yum indeed! I love this idea! The seasoning is so easy and looks delicious.


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