Grilled Spring Onions and Mini Peppers

When I was at the grocery store this past Saturday, I saw something near where the green onions were, something similar to it, except the bulbs were a little more fatter and rounder than the green onions.  It happened that John, the produce manager was there, so I asked him how do you eat this thing.  (Yeah, I almost know everyone’s first name at my teeny tiny HEB :))  He said that some people just grilled it when they eat steak, and it is called Sweet Onion.

So I got one bunch and when I got home, I mentioned it to Hubby that we’ll try it with our Flank Steak dinner that night.  I also decided that while he was at it, that Hubby could grill some of those mini peppers I got at Sam’s.

In writing this post, I googled up “Sweet Onion” and pretty much decided that what were posted out there for “Sweet Onion” were not the one I was looking for.  I kept looking until a site mentioned that it is called Spring Onions.

So I continued to look for some more info, and I finally found WiseGEEK and Harvest to Table sites that I can share with you, if you feel like reading more about the Spring Onions.

As far as the mini peppers, they were called VineSweet® MiniPeppers.  Finding information on these babies was rather hard.  Wikipedia refers to the Master Touch’s Mini Peppers®, although the one I got from Sam’s were from Wilson Farm, for which I could not find any information online.

Anyway, so we needed the Spring Onions, a handful of mini peppers, olive oil, salt and cracked black pepper.  Actually, we ended up not using the black pepper at all.  We only sprinkled grilled veggies with salt and they were yummy!

I didn’t have many photos to show you; Hubby took charge of the kitchen and the photographer was nowhere to be found!

Hubby basically rubbed some olive oil on the vegetables and then brought them to grill along with the Flank Steak.  These didn’t take long to grill at all, it took about 10 minutes to grill both sides.

When they were done, I wished we had grilled more of them.  They were yummy, sweet, and just plain de-li-ci-ous!  We sprinkled them with Smoked Apple and Pecan flavored Sea Salt (which I will write about later on), and they were very tasty.

So, when you’re at the grocery store, don’t be shy when you see these babies.  Grab some, roast them, grill them, anyway you like them, and eat them!  Go veggies!  🙂

Print recipe here.

Grilled Spring Onions and Mini Peppers

Spring Onions
Mini Peppers
Olive Oil

Rub olive oil on the vegetables.
Grill vegetables, about 5 minutes on each side.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper, serve immediately.

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