Pasta Salad with Crab Meat… sort of…

One evening, Hubby found an article about a recent fad diet that is actually backed up by science.  The article mentions that rice, pasta, potato and beans, when they are consumed cold, all have this thing in common called Resistant Starch.  The food will be mostly passed on through our digestive system, since this Resistant Starch can’t be digested.  The article also said that since the Resistant Starch isn’t digested, then we don’t consume all of the calories.  Sounds too good to be true?  Haven’t we been looking for food that we can eat and won’t give us the additional pounds?

What is this Resistant Starch? Well, according to Wikipedia, Resistant Starch is “starch and starch degradation products that escape digestion in the small intestine of healthy individuals.”  Then Kim, my co-worker, found this link, where you can find more information about this Resistant Starch.

So, back to food related blog.  After reading the article above, Hubby went on and found this recipe.  It is basically a cold pasta recipe, very basic and nothing fancy.

Pasta, tomatoes, basil leaves, olives, capers, greens, olive oil, red crust peppers, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper were all of the ingredients involved.  For a good measure, I added the fake crab meat stuff, or imitation crab meat, or surimi.  It would have been better had I have some shrimp… hhmmm…

So I first boiled a pot of water and added some salt to it.

Then, I added the olive oil which I added just to help with the pasta’s flavor…

Then I dumped in the pasta…

Then I drained the pasta and saved some of the pasta water for later.  Since this recipe is to demonstrate the Resistant Starch thingy, I rinsed it to cool it off, and then put the pasta into the refrigerator to cool faster.

In the meanwhile, I cut up some tomatoes, sliced the basil leaves, and cut up the fake crab meat stuff.

Then I dumped in the cut up stuff above into the pasta bowl…

Threw in the greenery stuff, I didn’t have the salad greens, and only had baby spinach leaves.  So in they went…

Pour some olive oil on it (I guess it was redundant on the pasta water eh?)

Pour some of the pasta water, this was just to make sure I can toss everything and coat everything with the olive oil…

I sprinkled salt and pepper, as well as the red flakes peppers, and also dumped in the capers.

Tossed to coat everything, and served the pasta on a plate…

Not until I finished dinner and was about to clean the kitchen that I realized I had my grater out… I forgot the Parmesan cheese!  Ha ha… Silly me!  The pasta tasted light and not bad at all.  It probably would have been much tastier had I remembered to add the Parmesan cheese to it.  Oh well…  🙂  It was something you can whip up real quick if you don’t have a lot of ingredients in your kitchen.

So, eat more cold pasta salad, sushi rice and beans!  And I agreed with the article, no green bananas…  🙂

Print recipe here.

Pasta Salad with Imitation Crab Meat
Recipe adapted from:

Penne or Fussili pasta for 1 person
Roma tomatoes
Some fresh basil leaves
5 black olives
A handful of mixed lettuce
2 tspn capers
1 tbspn olive oil
1 tbspn pasta water
Some crushed red peppers
Freshly grated Parmesan cheese
Salt & Pepper
Imitation crab meat

1.  Cook pasta according to the direction from the package
2.  Slice tomatoes and olives into halves.  Cut up the imitation crab meat into cubes.  Slice the basil leaves
3.  Drain pasta and rinse.  Reserve half a cup of pasta water.
4.  Dump the pasta into a bowl and throw in the cut up veggies, capers  and imitation crab meat.
6.  Drizzle olive oil and little bit of pasta water
7.  Season with the crushed red peppers, salt and  pepper.
8. Toss to coat.
9. Grate the Parmesan cheese on top and serve.

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2 Responses to Pasta Salad with Crab Meat… sort of…

  1. Olive Tree says:

    I think I will try this recipe because I like any food with capers, especially mixed with olives.


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