Blog Award!

Wow… today I got my first blog award by Leashieloo.  Thanks a bunch!!  I did not expect it at all!  You know, when I first starting this blog, I did not expect to get any exposure other than from my friends in Facebook and and my family.   Now I truly know the power of Internet! 🙂  Supposedly, the rule is that I have to list 10 things that I like, and then tag or award 10 bloggers with this award.  Sadly, my repertoire of bloggers is very minimal.   So, in that regard, I don’t have anyone to tag, other than Leashieloo herself… 🙂 I will come back to this post and add more bloggers that I like as I found them 🙂

10 things I like (copy and paste this into your post and list 10 things YOU like!):

1. My hubby and his quirks 😉
2. The rest of my family, even the nut ones!
3. My four legged babies, Grumpy Sassy, Sweet Ace, and Physcho Blue
4. Red hot flamin Cheetos. They’re bad for you, but, I can’t walk away from them…  I am going cold turkey right now… It is a matter of when… will I grab another bag of Cheetos…
5. Farmville!! How can you not like this game?
6. Cooking/Baking… well, this should be before Farmville, shouldn’t it?
7. Ramen noodles, even though the sodium level in a pack is enough for 2 days consumption…
8. Some of my co-workers… you know who you are!
9. Yoga! Yeah baby, twist that spine of yours and squeeze your kidneys!
10. Taking pictures, whether you’re ready or not 😀

10 Other Bloggers who deserve this award!

to be continued….

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2 Responses to Blog Award!

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m one of the (un)lucky coworkers that Anny likes! Trust me – her comment about her taking pictures of you whether you are ready or not is an understatement! She’s made a few enemies at work due to her Canon 🙂 What did we ever do to her to suffer at the hand of the Canon! But then again, we are a few of the lucky and fortunate ones to be able to taste the delicious recipes she blogs about!! 🙂 We love you Anny!!!!


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