Pulled-Pork Enchiladas

You might have wondered when you read my post about the Smoked Pulled-Pork Sandwich, what do you do with all of that food?  Well, for one thing, I always divvy them up into two person portions, and freeze them.  That way, when we don’t feel like cooking after work, we would just heat them up and we would have the main dish ready in a jiffy!

One of our favorite dishes is Pulled-Pork Enchiladas.  It is really easy.  You would need the pulled-pork, of course, corn tortillas, red enchilada sauce, Mexican cheese and onion.  You can add the pico de gallo and sour cream to accompany the enchiladas.

First you need to defrost your pulled-pork.  If you already have yours defrosted, then you can go on reading the next step.  Since I have a scattered brain, I did not have a defrosted pulled-pork prior cooking.  Luckily, it was really easy and fast to defrost the pulled-pork we had.

I just submerged them in a pot of water, and turn on the heat.

While the pork was heating up, I went ahead and chopped the onion.  Hmm… I sure did a lot of onion chopping in my life time!

Warm up your corn tortillas in the microwave by layering each tortilla in a moistened paper towel.  Most people heat them up by frying the tortillas a little bit, but we did not want the additional calories by frying the tortillas.

Then spray your baking pan with PAM spray.  It will make cleaning a whole lot easier later.

Then punch a hole or two on the enchilada sauce can, and pour some on the baking pan.  Pour just enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

You see the smaller, white pan next to the glass baking pan on the above picture?  That is a disposable paper pan.  We were experimenting to see if we could prepare the enchiladas ahead of time, freeze them, and bake them later.  I will update the post after we taste the frozen one, and let you know how that came out.

Oh.. I forgot to include the refried bean in the ingredients picture.  Pardon me!!  We will eat the enchiladas with refried beans as well.

By this time, the pulled-pork was heated up, and ready to be mixed with the enchilada sauce.  Watch that hot water!

Pour some enchilada sauce into a small mixing bowl, and put the pulled-pork in there.

Mix them well.  The goal was just to moisten the pulled-pork with the sauce.

Now heat up some of the enchilada sauce in a frying pan.  Just use low heat, you don’t want to boil over the sauce.

Then drop one of the tortilla there…  I apologize for the picture’s exposure.  It is quite blinding.  I had no excuse.. well, I actually did.  It was the light on the range vent that blinded the tortilla.  However, I could not turn it off because hubby was the cook on this meal.  He needed the light to see what he was doing.  Was that good enough excuse?

Then flip the tortilla to get the other side moistened too.  We want to make sure that the whole surface is covered with the sauce.  This step added the sauce’s flavor into the tortilla, as well as to help the tortilla to be more pliable and easy to roll.

Then transfer the tortilla into the baking pan, and put some of the pulled-pork on top of it.

Sprinkle some cheese…

Add the onion…

Then roll it up.

Keep repeating the steps above until you have a pan full of rolled enchiladas.  When you finish, drizzle the remaining enchilada sauce on top of the enchiladas.

Sprinkle some onion on top…

If you have any leftover pulled-pork at this time, go ahead and put that on top of the enchiladas too.

Then lastly, sprinkle cheese on top.

Up close and personal…

Then cover it with aluminum foil and bake it at 300 degree for about 2o minutes or until the cheese is melted.

Serve it with pico de gallo, sour cream, and refried beans.  Que Bueno!

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2 Responses to Pulled-Pork Enchiladas

  1. leashieloo says:

    Those look freaking tasty!


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