Bumbu Bali

The other thing that Mbak Mus cooked was Bumbu Bali.  Apparently Tiffany loves this dish too.   Why this thing is called Bumbu Bali, I am not quite sure.  I know that the dish would be colored rather reddish.

First she boiled some eggs.

This is Tiffany.  She was helping out in the kitchen by peeling some carrots.  She loves carrots too!  Hey!  I think that carrot is bigger than her!!  She wanted Mbak Mus to cook that big ol’ carrot for her, but with other food going on, Mbak Mus was able to convince her to cook only half of the carrot.  My niece loves to eat.. just like her aunt…  🙂

The spices involved in this Bumbu Bali were: salt, garlic, shalot, kemiri (candle nut), and ginger.

The same deal here, grind the spices using a mortar and a pestle.

Then after the spices were all incorporated and in a paste form, throw in some cut-up tomatoes to give it it’s red color.  To make it more reddish, you can also use that big long red chili.  However, Mbak Mus did not use the red chili since she was cooking the dish for the kids.

This is how it looked after all of the spices and tomatoes were grinded.

Then the spices were transferred into a bowl.  Tiffany willingly helped Mbak Muji with this task.  Mbak Muji helps out Mbak Mus in the kitchen sometimes.

For this Bumbu Bali, Mbak Mus only used tofu and egg.  So she was getting ready to fry the tofu by adding some oil into the wok.

While the oil was heating up, she cut up some tofu.  Anybody out there like tofu ?  I do!

Then she peeled the boiled eggs.

When the oil was heated, then she dropped in the tofu (carefully, of course) into the hot oil.

Then she flipped the tofu on the other side so both sides were golden color.

When it was done, she put the tofu on top of a strainer to drain the excess oil.

Then, Mbak Mus stir fried the Bumbu Bali paste.  She also added the Kaffir Lime leaves.

She cooked it until the paste thicken.

Then she added some water into the wok.

And dropped in the fried tofu and egg.

Added a little bit of sugar.  Adjust to taste.

And, let it simmer until the sauce thickens, and there you go, you have yourself a Bumbu Bali dish.  It is quite simple actually right?  Don’t you agree with me?

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