Just because….

When I went to the grocery store Saturday, I saw that blackberries were on sale… a pint for $1.50. That was cheap, usually they would go for about $3.00 a pint. So, I got three boxes, and smiled inward that finally I got to try on that blackberry recipe PW was talking about.

So, after my hubby woke up from his nap, I set about in the kitchen.  As I was preparing to make this cobbler, my hubby asked me, “What are you doing?”  I said, “I am making Blackberry Cobbler…”  He in turn asked me “Why?” and I said “Just because….”

So…there I was, I took out the ingredients and lined them up for the photo op… The recipe is very simple, you only need self rising flour, milk, sugar, butter, and blackberry of course. Now you are probably wondering, what happened to the third box of blackberries?  I would eat them later! 😀

First, I rinsed the berries and patted them dry.

Then, I melted the butter in the microwave.  It took about less than a minute to melt the butter.  It was frozen solid, so I was happy that I did not have to soften the butter at all.  Yeah, I freeze my butter. I pretty much freeze everything I could freeze… except the cats….I don’t think they would like that at all… although Ace always wanted to go inside the refrigerator and checked everything out…

Then I mixed the flour and sugar…. I whisked them to make sure they were incorporated.

Then the milk went into the bowl…

I whisked the milk until everything was incorporated…

The butter was next…

Gave it a good stir…

Then poured it into a buttered baking dish…

Then put the blackberries on top of this concoction…

Don’t you agree that those blackberries looked really plump and juicy?

Sprinkled the rest of the sugar on top of the blackberries.

Then baked it for an hour, until it came out golden brown.  Ten minutes prior it was done, sprinkle some more sugar.  I had skipped this step, since I thought there was enough sugar on the cobbler.  Hubby disagreed and said the berries were too tart and needed more sugar!

Can you see the crystallized sugar on top of the cobbler?

Then served it with either whip cream, vanilla ice cream, or just by itself.

Check out this bite…. 🙂  Bon appetite!

Print recipe here.
Blackberry Cobbler
1 stick Butter
1-¼ cup Sugar
1 cup Self-Rising Flour
1 cup Milk
2 cups Blackberries (frozen Or Fresh)
Preparation Instructions

Melt butter in a microwavable dish. Pour 1 cup of sugar and flour into a mixing bowl, whisking in milk.  Mix well.  Then, pour in melted butter and whisk it all well together. Butter a baking dish. Now rinse and pat dry the blackberries. Pour the batter into the buttered baking dish. Sprinkle blackberries over the top of the batter; distributing evenly. Sprinkle ¼ cup sugar over the top. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 1 hour, or until golden and bubbly. If you desire, sprinkle an additional teaspoon of sugar over the cobbler 10 minutes before it’s done.

Post note:  I brought the cobbler to the office today and I got the best complement a chef could get.  Kim had came over to check things out, since he saw some crumbs at Renuka’s desk.  After some nudging, he found out that it was the remnants of Anny’s baking.  So he came over and checked to see if he could get a piece.  As usual, he was a day late and a dollar short.  There was only a small piece of the cobbler left, and he was complaining that he missed it again!  (He missed the blueberry bars several weeks ago – will post about this later).  So, he grabbed a fork, and started scrapping the baking dish.  Poor Kim.  He scraped, scraped, and scraped, saving the three tiny bite piece until he finished with the crumbs. He cleaned the baking dish as such that it was not a big deal to clean it up!  So, Thank You Kim for the best complement I ever got 🙂  You made a pastry chef wannabe wants to bake some more… 🙂

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4 Responses to Just because….

  1. wenny says:

    Hmmm… Yummy..
    Ha…. XP


  2. Lori G says:

    YUM!!! I think I will make this over the weekend! Everything on here looks delish Anny ~ and of course it always is!!!


    • axokuaci says:

      Thanks Lori! It was yummy 🙂 Although Russell said that the berries needed some more sugar. It was a little too tart for him. If you like the berries stuff, I need to blog about the blueberry bar – it was delicious! I ate a whole square myself during the Buffalo Club, and it was unlike me to snack in the morning! 🙂


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