Mini Pink Roses….

This week, as I passed my coworker’s desk, something caught my eyes and stopped me in my tracks….  Beautiful, eye pleasing mini yellow/pink roses!  She also has some variegated African violet, but the roses were the ones that got my attention.

So I took some pictures of them with my iPhone (that was the only gadget I had with me at the time), knowing that the pictures would not come out crisp.  Don’t you agree?

So, the next day, I decided that I would bring my camera to work, a SONY DSC-H2.  It takes pretty good pictures, even if the user doesn’t know what she’s doing.. 🙂  Yes, I’m a point and shoot camerawoman.  I let the camera does its best job.. taking good pictures!

I just started reading some of PW’s tidbits about taking pictures… like.. what is aperture, f-stops, shutters, bokeh effect, etc… usually when I try to read some stuff about photography, I got bored and so discouraged about the daunting technical terms and other stuff you have to think about and remember while you’re taking a picture.. Usually I just said.. “Oh brothers……” , move my mouse over to the google search bar and start looking for a foodie’s blog… 🙂

Looking at food pictures always make me feel that I was as closely to the Heaven as possible…. Anybody feel the same way as I did?  I didn’t mind that I had to keep swallowing my saliva…  I didn’t mind that I was actually torturing myself.. so close, so delicious looking, but yet I couldn’t eat it… it was a good diet plan, wasn’t?  That is, if you don’t decide to look for some snack to munch on, due to the hunger triggered by a foodie’s blog.

Back to PW’s… I bet you wonder about PW… Why does Anny keep talking about PW on her blog?  If you haven’t read hers, make time!  Then come back here and let me know what you think of her 🙂

Ok.. PW’s tidbits are in human language!! I could actually grasp some of what she was talking about.  So I read some, and started to understand some of the photography lingo… or at least.. I attempted to..

Well, I better stop and just post these pictures, because if I continue to blab my mouth… (hmm.. I’m not exactly blabbing my mouth.. I’m only typing…), you might start yawning…

All right, here we go… oh, sorry for the small size… free blog only comes with 3 G storage space for pictures… so I have to refrain posting my original resolution pictures here…

Oops.. this is Derik, one of the funny and comical co-worker at the office.. there was Chuck too, but Chuck would not let me take his picture….but Derik didn’t mind 🙂

Okay, back to flowers…

It was when I looked at this particular picture, that I decided that I would dedicate this picture to all the mothers in this world.  It is so pretty, so every mother should receive a rose like this and make them happy.  Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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4 Responses to Mini Pink Roses….

  1. Misa says:

    Wow the pictures are turned out great! It looks even more amazing on photos than the actual plant itself! Derik – nice photo too!


  2. Lie Tjien says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……..cantek buanget bunganya………………..


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