Guess where the fish came from?

Odd title isn’t?  It is odd… I am merely referring to the fish we had for dinner tonight.  Guess where did the fish come from?  Come on… think harder…. nope, not California.. Indonesia of all places!  Indonesia is so far away, yet, I have in my tummy  now.. tuna that used to swim in Indonesia sea…

Yupe, tuna, frozen and prepackaged from Indonesia.  This is how they looked like after being thawed and out of the packages.  Beautiful eh?

Seasoning the fish was easy.  Just sea salt, fresh cracked white and black pepper.  Simple..   By the way, the chef for today was my hubby. I was just being an elf…

After you seasoned it, then let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

In the meanwhile, while my hubby was busy with the tuna, I cooked some yellow rice.  It came prepackaged, and I really like the taste.  It reminds me of the yellow rice (nasi kuning) back home.

Cooking these prepackaged rice was easy too.  You just put some water in the pan, and to be healthier, I just used olive oil instead of butter.  You let it boil, and then you put the rice in it!

Stir it, return to boil, and then just let it simmer for 20 minutes.  Easy right?  I wonder what would the cook back home says if she knew such things exist?  No more manually making your own spices!

While the rice was simmering and after the grill got hot, hubby grilled the tuna.

Tuna cooks really fast.  Can you see the bottom of the tuna on the picture above already cooked, and that’s only less then a minute after you put the fish on the grill.  After only a few minutes, then he cooked the other side, and this was how they look when they were done.

And remember, tuna is full of Omega-3, stuff that promotes good cholesterol.  But, don’t eat too much or too often, since you can get mercury poisoning.  Tuna tends to accumulate mercury in their body, since they live longer and bigger than other fish…

So, that was our dinner tonight  🙂

Bon Appetit!

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