Crazy-Good No Tempered Chocolate-Dipped Cherry

I had my first fresh cherries during my first year in the United States.  As soon as I tasted the cherries, I fell in love with them.  Since then, whenever cherries are in season, I buy some.  Back then, a pound of cherries cost about $2.79 per pound, with the sale prices ranging from $0.79 to $0.99 per pound.  I was so excited when cherries were on sale, since I was living on a student budget.

My love for cherries continues until now.  However, I notice that the cherries they sell nowadays don’t taste as good and sweet as before.  I guess that is the price you get for having cherries out of their season.  With cherries coming in from Chile, I would imagine they were picked long before they were ripe.  That, or it is just one of the signs that I’m getting old and my taste buds are diminishing.  Things just don’t taste as good as when you were a kid.

When I saw that my grocery store had cherries on their shelves last November, I decided to make these Crazy-Good No Tempered Chocolate-Dipped Cherry for Thanksgiving.  They were delicious and did not really take that much time to make and I could make them ahead of time.  And my family loved them. I figured that will all of the heavy meals being served during Thanksgiving, this would be a nice and light dessert.

They were only two ingredients.  Fresh cherries and dark chocolate chips.  I washed the cherries and dried them well before storing them in the refrigerator to keep them cold.

AK_CCCherry 1



Then I put the dark chocolate chips in a ramekin.  I wanted to use a small container for the melted chocolate so I did not have to melt a lot of chocolate chips.

AK_CCCherry 2



I boiled some water in a medium pan and put the ramekin with the chocolate chips in it to simmer.

AK_CCCherry 3



I stirred the chips to make sure all of the chips were melted.

AK_CCCherry 4



Then the chocolate was ready to be used.

AK_CCCherry 5



I dunked a cherry into the melted chocolate.

AK_CCCherry 7



Shook any excess chocolate and put the dipped-cherry on a cookie sheet lined with a wax paper.

AK_CCCherry 8



And worked quickly on the rest of the cherries.  When I finished, then I put these babies back into the refrigerator.  It did not take long for the chocolate to harden.

AK_CCCherry 9


Put the cherries onto a serving plate, and they were ready to be served.

AK_CCCherry 13


The cherries did sweat after being sitting in a room temperature for over an hour, but no worries, they were still tasted wonderfully good and were actually very addictive.  It can be made anytime fresh cherries are available.  Thank you Alice for sharing the recipe!

AK_CCCherry 14


AK_CCCherry 15


Print recipe here.

Crazy-Good No Tempered Chocolate-Dipped Cherry
Recipe courtesy: Alice Medrich

Fresh cherries
Dark chocolate chips


Wash cherries and dry cherries completely. Then put in the refrigerator to chill.
Line a cookie sheet with a wax paper.
Boil water in a medium size pan. Water height will depend on the height of your chocolate bowl.
Put chocolate chips into a bowl or a ramekin.
Put the bowl into the pan with boiling water. Reduce heat to simmer.
Stir chocolate until they are melted.
Remove the ramekin from the pan.
Pull cherries out of the refrigerator. Hold the cherry by its stem, and dunk cherry into the melted chocolate.
Gently shake excess chocolate.
Put the dipped cherry onto the prepared cookie sheet.
Repeat process until the cookie sheet is full and put these cherries into the refrigerator so the chocolate can harden.
Once the chocolate is hardened, gently peels the cherry from the wax paper and put in a serving platter.
This can be made a few days ahead.

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